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Technical Information and Advice

The Ashford Instrumentation product datasheets found on this website contain a lot of technical information as well as a full product description. Most of our datasheets also now contan a general arrangement drawing however, we are often asked for additional information or guidance that it is difficult to include in a product datasheet. So that we can provide this additional information this section has been created to provide additional technical information and advice on subjects such as ATEX, GOST, Pressure Gauge Calibration, NACE, HART Protocol, WRAS and Galvanic Isolation to name but a few. The information contained here should be used in conjunction with guidance and advise from other regulatory bodies or suppliers. If you wish to discuss any of the information found in this section or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact either our Quality Manager or Sales Team on +44 (0)1233 730999

Installation and Maintenance Of Pressure Gauges (Doc WT023)
Installation and Maintenance of Mechanical Thermometers (Doc WT025)
Installation and Maintenance of Pressure Transmitters (Doc WT024)
Valves and Manifolds Installation and Maintenance Guide (Doc WT014)
Pneumo Gauge - Direct Drive Advantages and Calibration (Doc WT018)
Pneumo Gauges - Bourdon Tube Design Advantages (Doc WT017)
Metres Sea Water Scales - Calibration Notes (Doc WT030)
Premium Caisson and Pneumo Gauges - Bench Calibration (Doc WT029)
Pressure Gauge Calibration Guidelines (Doc WT031)
HART Protocol Explained (Doc WT028)
WRAS Approved Pressure Gauges (Doc WT016)
GOST Standard Overview (WT009)
UL Approved Pressure Gauges (Doc WT007)
NACE MR0175 Guidance For Pressure Gauges (Doc WT006)
REACH Regulations (Doc WT027)
Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (Doc WT026)
2006-42- EC Machinery Directive Guidance Notes (Doc WT001)
Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and CE Marking (Doc WT004)
Material Certificates Explained (Doc WT022)
Safety Pattern Pressure Gauge Selection (Doc WT020)
Thread Identification - Pressure Gauges (Doc WT019)
Pressure Gauges Fitted To Gas Bottle Regulators (WT021)
Unified Numbering System (UNS) For Metals and Alloys (Doc WT012)
Acetylene Gas - EIGA Code of Practice (Doc WT010)
Galvanic Isolation - Explanation (Doc WT005)
EN13190 - Thermometer Accuracy Class (Doc WT007)
Chemical and Hygienic Diaphragm Seals Guide (Doc WT015)
Export Restrictions To Non EU Countries From The UK (Doc WT003)
EN ISO 17050-12004 EC Declaration of Incorporation (Doc WT002)
Stainless Steel Comparison Chart and Duplex Guide (Doc WT013)
Switch Contacts For Pressure Gauges (Doc WT011)
DIN 16001 - Standard For High Pressure Gauge